Barracuda Ic & Dis Tic. Ltd. Sti a.k.a Barracuda Turk Export was founded in 2010 in Gaziantep, Turkey as foreign trade -import & export- company. After a few years later we have decided to build our own brand Oberhof Drinks. Our main reason to build a brand name is; having, buying and selling the goods quality’s as we described and as it should be. Day by day we are expanding our own Oberhof Drinks® branded goods for our growing market in food & beverage sector. Actually, we can supply over 20 different types of Juice & Nectar like apple-pear juice, kiwi juice, pear juice, grape juice, pineapple juice and etc. We have two producing options of Oberhof Drinks® branded goods to our clients; Made In Austria or Made In Turkey. Especially our clients in Middle East and Arab countries choose the Made In Turkey option for logistic cost advantages. Actually, we have three branches to serve you better; USA, Turkey and Libya and in near future, we will add more branches to serve you better. Barracuda Turk Export®, Industrial (Rust-Oleum Co. / USA), Medical (Cotton wool & Syringe) and Food & Beverage (Juice, Nectar and Natural Water) operates in three main sectors.

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